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We see in the scriptures over and over again (Luke 18, Luke 19, mark 10, etc) that Christ's ministry often reached outside or beyond his "target". 

This principle is also seen carried out through Young Life in our community.  The focus, or "target" of our ministry is middle and high school students, but we are seeing many adults, families, and organizations meeting Christ or being encouraged by our work. 

It is a joy to see "innocent bystanders" being impacted by our efforts to reach out to students.  This is clearly in God's divine plan, and we as a ministry are excited to see it happening. 

We currently have an option for every kid in the Greater Edmonds area to experience Young Life. 

Wyldlife/Young Life Club

Young Life Clubs will be starting on Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Wyldlife Clubs will be starting on Tuesday,  October 4th, 2016

Locations to be annouced



2016 Upcoming Events

9/25 - Friends of YL Meeting
10/3 First Week of Club
10/8 - Young Life Auction
4/22/17 - Young Life Banquet


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